Top 5 Best Reputations In Palm Beach FL

Palm Beach County has been a place for best reputation. And the list below contains some of them.


The reputation of Palm Beach as a favorite tourist destination for ultra-rich people began with the interest of giant companies to invest in the county’s tourism industry in the late 1900s. Henry Flagler pioneered the development of luxurious hotels somewhere in Lake Worth with his Royal Poinciana Hotel built in 1894. Royal Poinciana Hotel had an overlooking view of the Atlantic Ocean, and it had that appeal that suited the taste of the rich and the famous.


Prior to Flagler’s business activities, Palm Beach was already a summer destination back then, attracting visitors from the cold region of Florida. The introduction of elite and first-class hotels made the town more aggressive and boosted the county’s income from tourism. Today, income from tourism is still important, although other sectors are also playing a major role in providing Palm Beach a decent amount of money.
After the Royal Poinciana Hotel was a success in Lake Worth, Flagler was encouraged to build his second hotel in Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Inn, in 1896. The Palm Beach Inn is located in the southern part of the east coast and is accessible through railway. Palm Beach Inn was reconstructed sometime later, and was renamed to The Breakers. Up until today, everyone who is familiar with Palm Beach knows that The Breakers is entitled with both luxury and class. The nearest neighbors of Palm Beach were Miami City and Key West, which could be reached by boat on water during the early days, but is today accessible in one way or the other, by commercial transports or by luxury ships.


Palm Beach is actually part land and part water. It is an island that is situated alongside the Atlantic Ocean and is actually a beach with 50 kilometers of shoreline. It boasts of a Mediterranean atmosphere on the side of the Intracoastal Waterway on the island. Within the Palm Beach lies its most famous street known as Worth Avenue. This street is lined up with majesty palms. This street begins after the bridge and crosses through the Palm Beach island and ends in the old town on A1A just near the shoreline and then branches towards the north road and the south road. The north road will lead to the fabulous villas and homes of the rich and the famous while the southern road will lead to the old town. This town is exquisite though because many outposts of the world’s leading designer boutiques such as Gucci, Channel and Louis Vuitton stand here. This is also a great place for shopping and strolling for people who can afford.


The Flagler Museum is also a very decent venue for tourists and historians who want to understand the history and development of the State of Florida. The museum was initially built for the personal use of Henry Flagler that then became an integral part of Florida’s history. This Museum is located inside the Whitehall- a 75-room neoclassical mansion considered as a national historic landmark in Florida. It provides an overlooking view of the ocean.
Flagler Museum is just one of the many museums in Palm Beach. As a heritage center, the county hosts many art exhibits, theme parks, forest and animal parks which offer a lot of exhibits, festivals and other events. Recreational venues also linger, such as golf and tennis courts, bike tours, underwater diving, and explorations, among others.


The most striking characteristic of the Palm Beach County though is its residents. This county is not only home to celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, but also to almost 30 billionaires included the Forbes list!