Exclusive West Palm Beach FL

It might have 47 miles or more of the pristine beaches, but the most established of the Palm Beach County, Florida, is, no doubt, the exclusive West Palm Beach — a half-mile-wide and 14-mile long island of extravagance. Winter home to the Kennedy's, the Vanderbilt’s, a slew and the Rockefeller's of the newly created millionaires, Palm Beach highlights some of the finest restaurants, hotels, and shops, and also, of course, a variety of elegant beaches in Florida.

Even though the Palm Beach began as a winter hotel for the wealthy, it's warm climate — with an annual average temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit — promptly made the beach an attractive place to be the whole year-round. Next, to the Gulf Stream is Perched, Palm Beach experiences the advantage of the gentle breezes and the warm blue water. To make the experience even better is its 5-star visitors and rich residents who bring enough star power that places the Palm Beach at the same standard with almost all high-end hotels round the globe.

Elegant Homes

Most important is the region's magnificent homes. They may not be easy to view, because of the length of privacy fences and hedges — only if you can in a way catch the aerial scene. But you could get a feel of the luxury of Palm Beach for any number of first-rate restaurants, super-snooty shops, and 5-star hotels. From the ever-ritzy Ritz-Carlton to the legendary Breakers, there is no deficiency of state of the art lodgings if you don't mind incurring a little luxury. For the appetite, there is a multitude of culinary alternatives, from the local deli to fine dining. And helping empty your wallet, Palm Beach quarter mile of high-end expenditure joints along the Worth Avenue.

Ideal B&B

Hibiscus House
Was constructed in '22 by Mayor Dunkle David in what is presently the re-known area of West Palm Beach, today Hibiscus House is the home to first-rate accommodation in beautiful surroundings, replete with convincing reproductions & antiques. Despite the 2-course breakfast is compared with silver, china, & crystal for a feel that promotes dining to a higher degree. An added advantage is the pool, enclosed with a pleasurable decorated garden.

Best Deluxe Hotel

Ideal Place to Impress Your acquaintance
The Eatery
Book a space with the Restaurant, the only AAA 5-diamond restaurant South Florida, to mark a truly special occasion or for those first-impression dates. Executive Cook Hubert Des Marais, named among the 10 best new cooks by Wine and Food magazine, combines up to a well-thought menu of Southeast area cuisine, Bringing together the flavors from the Deep South, the Caribbean, and the Latin America. Foods like the barbecued squab with seared yellowtail snapper with watermelon, a passion fruit glaze, tangelo sauce and thyme, mixed with ritzy surroundings suitable for Palm Beach, make sure diners are in for food to recon.


Ideal Kid Stuff

Lion Country Safari

The year it was opened, Lion Country Safari became the 1st cage-less, a drive-through safari the country park. It is no longer the only one Today, but it is a treat still. Take the household for a close-up look of the 1,300 real wild animals in the park- elephants, white rhinoceroses, lions, giraffes, antelopes, zebras, ostriches, and chimpanzees. Remember that, however, those windows should be maintained and soft-top convertibles vehicles are not allowed. For a meeting that is more personal with others of some of the park's tamer animals, then make a date to visit the petting zoo.