The City Of Palm Springs Florida

Palm Springs

This is a resort city in a desert in the riverside County of California, about 100 miles from Los Angeles and about 269 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, within Coachella Valley located about 72 miles east of San Bernardino, and northeast of San Diego, with the population of 44,552 as by 2010 census. Palm Springs is the largest city in the county by land area. Several activities like golf, Biking, horseback riding, hiking, tennis and swimming, take place in the nearby mountain and desert areas make the city as the major form of recreation. The city is famous for its-century modern architecture and design elements.

Economic Background

Palm Springs' economy relies on tourism, and local government is supported by retail sales taxes because the city is placed in the Tramway Gas Station premises showing businesses that has invited a number of shopping centers, led by the Greenwood and Palm Springs. Many celebrities retreat to Palm Springs today to establish residences in this area of because the palm spring is a city of full of festivals, international, traditional events even the Palm Springs International Film Festival at the San Jacinto Wilderness that you could access from above of the tram.

Notable Businesses

Business owners in the village started by establishing a Palm Springs Board of Trade, followed by a chamber of commerce; the City itself was established by election in and converted to a charter city, with a charter adopted by the voters in. In short, business was the backbone of almost everything that is why there are numerous hotels and restaurants that take care of the tourists as shoppers too could access different kinds of advanced magazines, boutiques, designed clothes and several impressive products uptown Palm Springs and in downtown.

Culture & Arts

The city organizes Palm Springs International Festival and International Film Festival of Short Films yearly presenting red-carpet, movie star-filled affairs in Jan and June in that order. To add on that, in February they have Modernism Week, which is an eleven-day event that would include modern architecture in its Sale and Modernism Show. There is other cultural festival such as Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, The month of Black History, The Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, The Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival, A circuit White party, The Caballeros, and Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week. Finally, the city council has instituted a commission to promote art in the city as well as protecting the museums and state parks.

Sports, Parks and Recreation

Several sports that are enjoyed at the Palm Springs such as Baseball. Golf, Football, Tennis and soccer has made it a home that features a number of sporting events for the youths. City parks and recreation centers established at the Palm Springs Desert Ice Palace for ice skating for the societies and organization for entertainment of Palm Springs. The Desert resorts also significantly provide several combination chuck wagon meals as Palm Springs developed its tourist industry.


The city served by the School District of Palm Beach County; both primary and secondary district have its headquarters in the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center in Palm Springs. The village of homes three public, one private school and Public libraries located in the Village Government Complex.


At the city, climate is mainly tropical with some variations due to altitude. The area generally is cold and wet most of the time, as something that makes that the demand of arts, sports, cultures, festivals and other recreation activities be of the most valuable a d important for the economy of the county. The inside rivers contain freshwater from the ranges and ranges that flow in form of springs to the valley. With this few remarks on Florida city of Palm Springs, I therefore encourage you to tour the place and have fun.