Florida City Of Palm Springs FL

This one of the villages in the Palm Beach County of Florida that has sandy beaches, coral reefs, aquamarine life, warm sea, lined with palm trees, golden sandy dunes thus making a haven for the perfect holiday in United States, Florida. The city is situated between Greenacres, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. By the year 2010, the Palm Springs has a populous of 18,928. This is a small city of the Miami urban with a seaport, that is rich in history elegant scenarios which attract visitors everywhere around the globe.

The City of Palm Springs

The village of Palm Springs was a consolidated district in Palm Beach County, that has vibrant & rich cultures as well as the individuals, with a singular and strong identity. The corporation charter was adopted by the Legislature of Florida on, and the name of the village was kilometer derived from the city of Palm Springs resort, California


Palm Springs to various studies, is situated at in the central east of the Palm Beach County that claims of the exceptional sandy beaches & beautiful coral reefs that has a dense virgin jungle. The village is located adjacent to West Palm Beach, Greenacres, West Palm Beach Lake Worth with a cumulative area of 9.1 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), of which 4.1 square kilometer (1.6 square miles) is land, and 0.26 square kilometer (0.1 square miles) (3.01 percent) is water.


The village started as a turbulent struggle for control. Adventures and soldiers of fortune mingled with the society. Laborers and merchants were of great influence. Today the village has a council constituted of 5 elected, and 4 individuals. Of the 4 members of the village council, 1 of them works as the vice mayor and the other acts as the mayor pro tempore. The settlement council convenes twice in every month in the Community Hall at 226 Cypress Lane. The village committee are selected on a non-partisan base for two years term. The mayor and the other individuals of district on and 3 are elected in odd-numbered cycles, while districts two and four are chosen in even-numbered cycles in the first Tuesday of every March, followed by a runoff on the 4th Tuesday of March, in case no candidate receives a majority of the vote.

Leadership Framework

The leadership of Palm Springs developed as an important element of its economy and life. The five members of the village council are:
1. The Mayor
2. Member of District 1
3. Member of District 2
4. Member of District 3
5. Member of District 4 (Vice Mayor)

There are some other native officials known as Village Manager, Village Attorney, and the community Clerk who assist the village council in making a decision. The village belongs to United States Government as part of Florida City, and at the level of the state, the village is served by one person in the House of Representatives in Florida & another person in the Florida Senate's who both represent the city nationally in the congress house.


Florida has an extensive domestic travel by rail, road or air to suit your budget. Today, the city is a nice combination of bush and concrete that satisfies billing as the open city. With the beautiful architecture of buildings in this city are surrounded and hidden within greener and lush semi-forest vegetation which complements the elegance of the city and the newness of the surrounding.


Florida city is considered as one of the most prominent cities in the coastal regions of the United States of America housing many multinational companies and organizations. Its beaches attract different nationalities that play an integral role in the development of Florida as an indispensable element of its and economy.